Google Timer Tech Tip

 For this I tried out the google timer in my browser, and it is pretty cool. I had no idea that this was a feature you could use. Something like this will help me stay focused and finishing my tasks when I am supposed to be doing them. Often small things take me way longer than they should just because I am distracted. I look forward to using this.

Microfiction: Luka Doncic

-"Luka Doncic" USA Today-  The Don, The Wizard, The Prodigy. 6'7 and from Slovenia. He was raised from a small boy to prepare for this, he had almost become a robot at this point. He could dribble, pass, and shoot; averaging league highs in all these categories. 3 teams passing on him in the draft only fueled his fire, how could you not pick the 18 year old foreign MVP. His first year in the NBA he won rookie of the year, and second year All-NBA first team. Taking the league by storm, only 21. That leaves us asking him one question. What's next? 6 word story From the goat, to the don Author's Note I wanted to write this about my favorite player Luka Doncic. He is one of the most promising players in the league if not the most. I summarized what he has done so far in the first story. The second story is kind of a play on how I think Luka is the next face of the NBA after Lebron.

Week 13 Reading: Legends of India by Washburn Hopkins

 Reading Notes: Characters- Battlestrong- Emperor of India Bhima- Fearful brother of the Emperor Arjuna- Silver Knight, Younger Brother "Arjuna" by Pearls of Wisdom Main Quotes- "These the Pandus Five That had many a peril come alive" "A cave beneath and passing underground" "Hope remains when life still lingers" "Krishna had been perfected for great love" "One only love, and that one love is mine. It fills my soul, and the far realms of space". Bibliography Hopkins. “Legends of India, by Washburn Hopkins.” HathiTrust ,


-Hanuman Leaping Across the Ocean from KathaKids-                          The Life of a God Hanuman jumped for the apple in the sky. Now he was on this Earth as a monkey, but served as Rama's devotee. Jumping across oceans, and fighting Ramayana. His job was almost done, but what would he do now. Everyone thought about the mighty Rama, but what about his mighty servant. He begged Rama not to give him immortality, but he insisted anyways and now Hanuman would live forever. As the days went on he grew tired of his life, but he must serve and protect till the end. However, for Hanuman he lived through the end of the world.                     Hanuman's Curse (6 word story) He who jumped, will not Die Bibliography-  “Hanuman by ANANT PAI - Books on Google Play.”  Google , Google,

Week 12 Reading: Hanuman: The Epitome of Devotion and Courage

 Reading Notes- Hanuman was the son of Pavana, the Wind God. One day he saw the sun rise and thought it was an apple and jumped to get it. As he grew older he only got stronger and complete heroic feats. His brother Sugreeva got banished from the kingdom so him and his brother went to go live in the jungle together. They saw two men in the jungle one day, and his brother said they might be from Vali the kingdom they were banished from. He changed forms to a poor man and went up to them and asked where they were going. They answered that this is Rama his older brother and they are looking for Prince Sugreeva to help find his wife Sita. He felt love and adoration and apologized and said he would help them find Sugreeva. Sugreeva asks them if they will help him kill his brother Vali since he pushed him out of the kingdom and they agreed. Sugreeva brought them the jewels of Sita that they found in the jungle. Sugreeva called out Vali to a duel and he agreed. They were fighting and Rama cou

Week 11 Reading: The Priceless Gem

Aushada was a reincarnation of the Buddha. He was named this because he was born holding a divine herb that gave him healing powers. King Vaidena had a dream that a great soul would be born that would be wiser than anyone before. 8 years later he found Aushada and knew it was him and brought him back to his kingdom. He grew up in the city as a handsome boy and the other people began becoming envious of him. They are standing above the water and see a gem. He tries to jump in but can not stay under water long enough. They get the king telling them even the best swimmer can not get the gem. One of the court pandits who didn't like Aushada saw it had the kings heart attached and knew if he got it he would have a one up on Aushada. The king assigned him the task. He told the boys to start drinking the water in the tank. They drank all the water and the gem disappeared. They showed the king and he said to fill it back up. Once they filled it up there was the gem again. They said to brin

Week 9 Story: Family Man

Family Man -Fisherman by Boudewijn- The wise fisherman headed back to the shore after he had just caught the biggest fish of his life. He knew this fish would sell enough for him to pay for the next 6 months of his living. He knew he was not going to be on this Earth that much longer. He headed to the fish shop to sell his fish. "Hello sir , I just caught they biggest fish that has been taken out of this ocean" the wiser fisherman said. "Wow, that fish is amazing. I will give you $900 dollars for that fish." the fish shop over said back. "Well you see, I would like to give this fish to you for free, but I want you to give my grandson 10$ for every fish he brings in here no questions asked for the rest of his life" replied the fisherman. The fish shop owner agreed, thinking that his grandson will never bring in enough fish to cover anywhere near the 900$. The wise fisherman went home to talk to his grandson. He told him to sit down and listen and said, &quo