Story Laboratory

This week I wrote a twine story. This was a really fun activity but it was also long in a way too. I found that as the more choices you made the story kept getting longer and longer to finish. My story was about a guy named John who went to a hotel and he was running from the cops because he robbed a bank. The choices led you to a single or a double room which decided if you friend and wife would be coming. It was an interesting experience to say the least. I don't think I see myself using this program for this class, but I really enjoyed having a play with it. It reminded me of a movie on Netflix a few years ago that you could play as you went along with the movie. 
-"The Broken Legacy" my storybook-

Reading Notes Part C Ramayana PDE

Rama needed to cross the ocean, and he started getting frustrated so he shot his bow into the ocean, and made the King of the Ocean mad. He told him to call upon Nala to build him a bridge so that he could get across.    Ravana started to get nervous as Rama and his army of monkeys approached him. He sent out spies and they came back telling him to surrender. So Ravana tries to deceive Sita telling her that he killed Rama, but then Ravana gets called out to war.
    During the Battle Ravans son Indrajit was using magic and began to injure a lot of the monkeys. The wind god flew in and heal a lot of the monkeys. He told Rama not to worry about why they are friends but that he will slay Ravana and get Sita back.
    One of Ravanas brother Kumbhakarna was a great demon who terrorized the town but he always fell asleep for years. He was told of the monkeys and woke up and went out and ate thousands of them. However Rama severed his head off his bow.
    After Ravanas son Indrajit is slayed h…

Reading Notes (PDE Ramayana, Part B)

Part B- I will be doing C later this week and D as extra credit -Sita the Indian Goddess,
The beginning of the story starts with Rama's brother Bharata who was recently proclaimed the throne. His mother had sent out for him to be brought back to the kingdom, and he arrived and found out his father had died and his brother had been exiled. He said he would not get on the throne and would have Rama returned.The next part describes how Bharata has to perform the funeral rites for his father before he can go find Rama, he doesn't want to do this because he is grieving.Bharata finds Rama in the jungle and asks him to come back to the kingdom, but Rama says he can't go because he made a promise to his father that he would attend to the sire, and he says he would rather be a dead man than to commit those evil doing. Since it is their fathers wishes Bharata decides he will stay with Rama until he can return to the kingdom in 14 years.Bharata gives Rama gold sandals a…

Feedback Strategies

Feedback StrategiesWhy Do So Many Managers Avoid Giving Praise-
The problem here is a lot of managers do not feel like it is there responsibility to give a lot of positive feedback. They think that when something goes wrong it is their job to fix that, but often when things are going right not all managers understand the importance of giving them that positive reinforcement. From my experience I definitely notice this problem. Bosses should be more open to making their employees feel better.Be A Mirror    This article talks about how we need to be a mirror with our feedback. What I got from this is that sometimes the best feedback is helping people understand things on their own. If we are a mirror to someone this will help them develop their growth mindset. You want to help someone do it on their own not just do it for someone else. Being a guide for someone is good but it is even better to be someones mirror. Helping a person succeed on there own is the best guide for success.

All in…

Topic Research

Topics Research    At this point I think I have decided to go with relating my storybook to the NBA, so for this post I will be researching three different stories that I could relate to the NBA.
    The first story I might use is the "Lion and The Hare", in the Panchantra. This is a good story for me because it talks about the king of the forrest and I can easily relate this one to Lebron James the king of the NBA. It is a story though of how a lion requires the animals to bring him animals to eat so he doesn't eat the rest. However, the animals tell him of another lion who is really his reflection and leads him to kill himself.
    The second story I picked is "The Foolish Friend" from the Panchantra. This is a story of how the king had a pet monkey, and the king fell asleep. A bee was trying to string the king but the monkey tried to kill the bee and killed the king on accident. I think this story could be related to a NBA story as well, maybe a story of how …

Week 3 Story: Bull Riding

The Country Wedding Proposal    There once was a time not too long ago where Johnny, a hardworking gifted young man, wanted to marry Taylor the prettiest girl in the town. Well Johnny knew that she was not any ordinary girl, and that he would have to prove to her father that he was worthy of his daughter. Taylor tells Johnny that all her family are going to be in town that weekend and that he should come so that he would get the chance to meet her dad.
    Johnny was ready and decided he needed to get dressed to the T's for this event. He gets his new boots out and heads over to there house. The father greets Johnny "hey kid, you ready for tonight?". Johnny began to get nervous, simply curious what he was talking about. The night goes on and it's a grand night full of drinking and eating and good laughs. Johnny goes up to the father and begins to ask him if he can take his daughter out. The father explains that this is no ordinary girl and he's going to have to p…